Vacant position

In the menu on the left you will see the Adverts button. Click on New advert to go to step 1 of creating a vacant position/advert.

Step 1
Complete the following steps to move on to step 2.

1. Company name– Specify the company or subsidiary you want to create the vacant position for.
2. Responsible – Select from the list who will be responsible for the recruitment.
3. Advert template– Choose an advert template, if an appropriate one exists. The wording can be edited in the next step.
4. Advert heading – The heading will be displayed on the advertising channels you have chosen to use.
5. Publication date – The earliest date the advert should be published. To publish an advert, you have to manually click the Publish button. See step 3, Publish.
6. Closing date for applications – Last date for applications and last publication date.
7. Categories – If your company has chosen to use categories, check the appropriate categories for the advert.
8. Authorization – Select the users who are to have access to the job and the candidates who have applied. When you have completed the above fields click on Create advert.

Step 2
In this step you add the wording for the advert and link it to a survey, if you are using one.

1. Enter the text in the text editor or copy and paste it in from another document. Note that if you copy and paste in text from a Word document or other word processing program, you may end up with incorrect formatting such as extra line breaks, incorrect font and suchlike. To avoid this, click on the   symbol before you paste in your text.

2. Select categories to ’mark up’ the advert, e.g. city, business area.

3. Under Surveys you can choose a survey to link to the advert by selecting from the dropdown list.

4. Click on preview and Apply to see what it will look like for the applicants.

5. When you are satisfied with the advert click Save advert.

Step 3
Publish the advert. Before you do this, you can preview it.

1. Preview– Click preview button to the right of the advert to preview it. You can also go through all the steps that the candidate will have to go through to check that everything looks ok.

2. Publish – Click on Publish to publish the advert.
(If you can’t see the Publish button, it means that you do not have the necessary authorization to publish adverts. Contact your administrator to get higher permissions.)
Under Publish you will also see a list of publication channels to choose from. Click on the Publish button to publish the advert. The advert will be published immediately on your website but it can take up to an hour before it appears on external channels.

The advert is automatically removed from the website once the closing date for applications has passed. You can extend the closing date by changing the date on the ’Amend advert’ tab.
If you want the advert to continue to appear on external channels after you have extended the deadline for applications, you need to click on the Update button on the Publish tab for the update to take effect. (This only applies to the channels that have an update button)