Picture archive

In Workbuster you now have the possibility to upload pictures and create your own picture archive. Earlier we had to convert the pictures for you into a link in order for you to use them in a job ad or template.

To organize the archive in best possible way is to start with creating different folders.
By doing this you will make it easier for users to find the pictures they are looking for.
You can name the folders depending on how your organization is set up and pick a suitable name as for example department, team, brand, name, unit etc.

Create a folder and upload pictures
Create a folder by clicking insert/edit image in the text editor within an ad/template.

  1. Click to the left on upload now
  2. Name the folder in the field Create folder here, click on create folder
  3. Choose folder to save the picture to
  4. Click on click or drop

You can also from this view direct insert the picture to a job ad/template by clicking “insert picture”

Insert uploaded picture from your archive

Use and insert your uploaded pictures in ads or templates.

  1. Click on the ad you want to upload a picture to and put the marker where you want the picture then click on Insert/edit image.
  2. A new window opens where you either choose to upload a new picture A or pick one from the Library B and click upload.

 3. By marking the picture, you can make it bigger or smaller by dragging the corners.

Insert picture by using a link
To insert a picture with a link is still possible if wanted.
You do it by clicking on insert/edit image and choose “get from URL” and paste the link

Publishing adverts on LinkedIn via Workbuster
The contract concerning Workbuster’s recruitment tools gives you the option of publishing adverts on LinkedIn.
What is included in the contract?

Adverts in the news feed
Workbuster provides you with an easy way of publishing your job vacancies on your company’s LinkedIn page so that they are shown in the news feed. At the very bottom of the Publish tab for each job are ’Share’ buttons, one of which is specifically for LinkedIn.

Adverts for the jobs section
Workbuster has been working with LinkedIn since August 2015. All adverts that you publish on your website will also be placed – at no charge – on LinkedIn under the Jobs section. Link to LinkedIn and the jobs page: https://www.linkedin.com/job/

If you want to remove your adverts that have been automatically placed on LinkedIn, contact support@workbuster.se. We will ask LinkedIn to make sure your adverts are not published there.

This free offer enables you to reach active job seekers. If you want to reach passive job seekers you can buy what LinkedIn calls Job slots and/or Job wrapping*.

* Job slots and Job wrapping are paid-for services offered by LinkedIn. You need to contact LinkedIn yourself if you wish to sign up for these services, or to find out more about them.