Handle statistics

Workbuster offers you the option of generating and using statistics based on applications received in response to your adverts.

From the menu on the left select Statistics to get the broader, general statistics, e.g. for the number of adverts/applications, which channels have generated the best response and how many candidates you have hired during a certain period etc.
There are two tabs to look at under Statistics:
Applications where you can search for the statistics you want to look at.

General statistics where you see the overall statistics.
The General statistics tab shows the number of spontaneous applications received, and the total number of candidates in different months.
Every advert also has its own statistics tab showing specific information that is unique to that particular advert.

One way of optimizing searches within statistics is to create categories and link these to the adverts. A category could be, for example, a city or a business area.
By linking categories to an advert, you narrow the statistical results returned.
When you create categories you can make them internal or external. Internal versus external categories – the categories that are listed on your careers page and those that you use internally within Workbuster. Remember that your careers page may be affected if you amend or remove categories or if additional categories are added. (See page 3 for creating categories)

Generate statistics
The following is a guide showing you how to generate statistics for the number of incoming applications and adverts.
The statistics are divided into two sections where the search is carried out in the top part and the results shown at the bottom. You can generate up to three searches at the same time. In the example below we have chosen the following search criteria:

Search 1: Total number of applications in one year
Search 2: Total number of applications during the first quarter of the year for a specific city
Search 3: Total number of applications during the first quarter of the year for the status ’hired’.

1. Period Date internal for the search
2. Job category The job category you wish to look at (shown if categories exist)
3. City The town or city you want to look at
4. Status Statistics based on stage within the recruitment process
5. Color coding Applicants color coded by you

How many internal candidates have applied for your vacancies
6. Rating A candidate’s rating(s) based on the jobs applied for
(If a candidate has applied for several jobs this will generate multiple applications in the statistics)

Number of applications for the total number of adverts.

1. Result 1 Number of applications
2. Number of adverts Number of adverts for which you have received applications