Candidate profile

The candidate profile consists of various tabs where you find the basic information about the candidate.


  •  Basic contact information, attached documents. answered surveys, positions applied for and notes
  •  Color coding of the candidate.

Listing of answered surveys from the candidate as well as roles interested in.   

a. Roles the candidate is suitable for. You can add more roles to the candidate by clicking “Choose Role”, likewise to remove a role you click on the bin.
b. “According to candidate assessment”: A blue checkmark will appear for the roles the candidate showed interest in. The candidate can update the information by requesting a link on your carrier page and update their profile.
c. “Assessment Recruiter”: Estimated assessment from you according to the role.
You grade the candidate by marking the step suitable.

d.     Survey – Answered surveys. Click on the name of the Survey and you will see the answered questions.
e. Ad – Which ad the survey is connected to
f. Results –  How well the candidate meets the requirements set in the survey. Depending on how the questions been answered the result will show in green or red text because of the requirements in the questions.
g. New/ Change survey answers: You can add questions and answers to the candidate.
The question and answers you add can only be seen internally unless they are linked to a role or service the candidate applied for.

Documents uploaded by Candidate
If the document is crossed out it means the candidate removed it and we recommend you to remove it to.

Other documents
Documents uploaded by recruiter, these documents are not visible to the candidate.    

Applied services
In this tab you find the services the candidate applied for as well as project connections.
The rating tells you about the suitability to a specific services the candidate applied for.

In the tab Notes you can make notes according to the candidate and
You can make notes curing  the candidate, these ate not visible to the candidate.
To think about according to PUL, it is forbidden to keep sensitive notes as for ethnic, origin, political opinions, religious values, membership in trade union or personal contacts,  according to sex or health.

Results listed if you are using tests as a part of your process.