Search for candidates

Via Search candidate from the menu on the left you can search for candidates who have applied for a specific job or those who have submitted a spontaneous application. There are two tabs: Simple search and Advanced search. The Advanced search tab gives you more options to search on than Simple search.

Advanced search.
The selection and search can be carried out according to various search criteria. All criteria can be combined with one another to limit the selection and to make it as accurate as possible. The search can be made using the criteria below.


1. The candidate’s basic information and text in the attached documents (search words are separated by commas when searching in attachments)
2. Whether there is a responsible recruiter linked to the candidate
3. Roles/competences
4. Status – what stage of the process the candidate has reached
5. Position searched for, or whether a spontaneous application has been submitted. Use the CTRL/CMD keys to select more than one option.
6. Grading – suitability for the role selected
7. Type of date – profile created or profile updated
8. Color coding
9.Survey questions. Clicking on the ’Show/Hide selection for questions’ link opens the survey questions that you can use to help make the selection. Click on the question you want the selection to be based on and then select which of the possible answers you want to include in the selection.